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Best Eye Squint Surgeon in Hyderabad

Squint, also known as strabismus or misaligned eyes. In simple terms, the eyes of a person who is suffering from squint do not look similar to each other. Well, when a person with normal vision sees a person suffering from squint feels as if both the eyes are seeing somewhere else. The eyes of a person suffering from squint seem to be seeing either inward, upward, or even downwards. 

This condition is particularly common in children. Squint in children doesn’t go away without treatment. About 5% of children show some kind of misalignment of eyes or some degree of strabismus. They may even experience dual vision as a result of misalignment. As their visual system is in its developing phase, a kids specialist doctor will be able to identify and suggest further course of action.

Causes of Squint

Presently, it is very difficult to analyze the exact cause of squint. Normally, people assume that a squinted eye is just a wrong appearance, whereas it is a medical condition due to some nerve damage or muscle issue. Below mentioned are some of the most common causes of squint:

  • Genetics or hereditary issues,
  • Eye injury,
  • Failed eye surgery,
  • Damaged eye muscles,
  • Weak eye muscles.

Symptoms of squint

Below mentioned are some of the most common symptoms of squint:

 One or both the eyes pointing in different directions, Defect in one or both the eyes,

When a person with a squint closes just one eye at the time of bright sun,

  • Confusion in visualization or double vision. 

Types of squint

There are several types of squint such as:

  • Convergent Squint

In convergent squint, the eyes are directed inwards towards the nose and hence this is medically termed Esotropia. 

  • Paralytic Squint

In this type of squint, the eye muscles are unable to move the eye due to muscle paralysis.

 Is there any way to cure squint?

Yes, several exercises are advised by the surgeons and the ophthalmologists. Apart from this, there are several other ways to cure squint. They are:

  • Wear specialists eyeglasses, 
  • Make use of contact lenses, 
  • Patch the eye with stronger vision, 
  • Using pencil technique for stable vision,
  • Eye Surgery.

Squint Eye Surgery

A surgery can be performed on the eye muscle to adjust the rotation of eye muscle. A pre-operative assessment is done to check the condition and to plan the surgery. The procedure is done under general anaesthetic and may take less than an hour to complete. In most cases, patients usually go home on the same day.

Success rates of a squint surgery

Squint surgery usually has a good success rate, but all this depends on various factors like severity of the condition, age, type of damage and more. Nearly 80-90% of the patients get straight-ahead position with one surgery. While in some patients it may be partially corrected. 

Advantages of Squint Eye Surgery 

The advantages of squint eye surgery may differ from person to person. Apart from correcting the alignment, this surgery can eliminate several other eye problems like double visions, fatigue, or eye strain. This surgery is beneficial to restore the normal function of the eyes and improve the quality of life. Squint surgery  is done in a short duration of time and it does not take much toll on the patient or their family.

Our Team of Squint Specialists

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