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What is Retinal Detachment?

Well, retinal detachment is an eye condition in which the retina is a layer of tissue at the back of your eye that processes light and pulls apart from the tissues around it. This condition is also named “detached retina” by the doctors. A person suffering from retinal detachment can suffer a complete vision loss. Do you know why? Because the retina is not working properly. In such circumstances, it is good to consult a doctor and get retinal detachment surgery.

Retinal Detachment: Symptoms


A person who is suffering from retinal detachment will witness that it neither hurts nor shows any symptoms or warning signs on the affected person. When you are suffering from retinal detachment, you might notice the following symptoms:

  • New floaters,
  • Darkness in front of your eyes,
  • Flashes of light,
  • Loss of vision.

Retinal Detachment: Causes & Types

There are three main types of retinal detachment, such as:

  • Rhegmatogenous


Well, this is one of the most common kinds of retinal detachment which causes mostly in aged people. The main reason for this is because of a retinal tear. It happens when a vitreous gel that fills your eyeball pulls away from your retina. Furthermore, if you ever have any kind of eye injury, surgery, or even near-sightedness, you may become a victim of this condition. 

  • Tractional


If diabetes had damaged your blood vessels on the back of your eyes, traction might happen. This type happens just because the scar tissue pulls on your retina. 

Retinal Detachment: Risk Factors

Well, you are more prone to retinal detachment when you get old or if you have:

  • Family history of retinal detachment or genetics,
  • Severe nearsightedness,
  • Had an eye injury, surgery, or a cataract operation,
  • Lattice degeneration,
  • Diabetic retinopathy,
  • Posterior vitreous detachment.

Retinal Detachment: Diagnosis


To diagnose the condition of retinal detachment, your doctor would give you eye drops that will dilate your pupil. After that, the doctor would use a special tool to witness whether your retina is detached or not. Well, they might also take some photographs of your eyes for a better diagnosis. So be prepared. 

Retinal Detachment: Treatment


There are several treatments available to cure the condition of retinal detachment. Your doctor might use one or more of the below-mentioned treatments. Retinal detachment treatment is costly so you can consider several options before going for one. 

  • Laser of freezing treatment


Well, if your retinal detachment has been diagnosed at an early stage, there are possibilities that your doctor would choose this treatment for you. This treatment would be performed in your doctor’s clinic itself. 

  • Pneumatic Retinopexy


When the tear is small and is easy to close, this procedure works wonders. Your doctor treats it by inserting a tiny gas bubble into your vitreous gel and hence presses the upper part of your retina, closing the tear. 

Go for these procedures in your Diabetic Retinopathy treatment for better results. 

Retinal Detachment: Prevention


If you witness any symptoms in you such as flashing lights, new floaters, or any other changes in your vision, then you should speak to your doctor at the earliest. When you get the required treatment timely, you will surely succeed in curing this. 


For better eye health and safety, it is highly recommended to get your eyes checked once a year. If you are diabetic, keep these conditions under control to avoid retinal detachment.

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